by Kane Williams

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This is written from the perspective of someone suffering from mental illness. I don't have first hand experience myself, so I know the lyrics only scratch the surface. I am donating all the money made from this track to SANE mental health charity. I have set the price at 50p to try to encourage sales.

24/96 version available on request.




Caged bird with broken wings,
body is shackled, head tangled in things.
You pluck at my heart on broken strings,
and you try (and I try).

Every time I hear pull yourself together,
All I want to do is rip myself apart.
Every second spent looking in the mirror,
Is a reason to start (so many reasons).


Caged bird with broken wings,
they keep calling me to fly.
And the chorus is deafening.
Won't hear the truth, can't hear the lies (you tried).

Every time you say pull yourself together,
All I want do do is tear you apart.
I understand it's meant with good intention,
but don't even, don't even start.


When I say I'm down,
that doesn't really cover it.
It's like I'm buried underground,
with another ground on top of it.
If I don't say I'm down,
You think I've gotten over it.
Like it's something going round,
and I was just making a show of it.


Caged bird with broken wings,
those outside don't even know I'm ill.
Body won't sleep, mind won't be still
But I'll try (need to try).

Every time I hear get yourself together,
all I want to do, is fly away.
Every molecule is navigating this ever changing maze
I fear I've lost, lost my way.


Caged bird with broken wings,
I watch the world pass me by.
Their lives look so beautiful,
to the beholder of these eyes.

All the time I hear just get yourself together.
Sorry I didn't realize, it was as simple as that!
Now I understand it's meant with good intention,
being cruel to be kind is a straw too many for this back.



released April 24, 2017
Written, produced performed and mixed by Kane Williams
Guitar and additional guitar arrangement by Vadim Chelnokov.
Mastered by Poly Mastering.



all rights reserved


Kane Williams UK

Grew up in the 70's & 80's listening to an eclectic mix of stuff on the radio and 50's and 60's music that my mum would play.

I soon found a love of anything with a strong groove and soul and became a B-Boy. I always sang a bit, but I made US East Coast inspired rap music on the unlikely East Coast of the UK.

Returning to funk and soul, I inch closer to creating the sounds I hear in my head.
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